I joined the Nordic Walking group at Hickey’s in September and was greeted by Rosie, our instructor, who explained why/how it was developed. She explained how when done correctly it improves core strength, posture and balance. This is achieved by walking with head up and shoulders relaxed, straight arm swing with a rolling heel/toe foot action. So much to think about but good for developing both sides of the brain, according to Rosie! The poles when used correctly develop arm strength.

After the second week, remembering head up, shoulders down, rolling feet I knew my posture had improved!! While chatting with others in the group it was clear that people had noticed an improvement in their posture and balance and all felt better for the exercise and being in the fresh air.

We are going to continue and hopefully go for longer walks in Richmond Park. I would highly recommend this form of exercise, even without poles. New friends, laughs and exercise with a lovely tutor, come and give it a try.