Our Welfare Grants

The Richmond Charities runs three small welfare charities which support those in need in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames.

These charities are:

  • 1

    The Richmond Philanthropic Society

  • 2

    Richmond Aid in Sickness Fund

  • 3

    Misses Thomson & Whipple Charity

The Richmond Charities also receives a grant each year from the Henry Smith Charity to distribute to people in need.

From 2018, The Richmond Charities decided to run its grant-giving welfare scheme in a different way and now gives money to other local charities and organisations to distribute on behalf of The Richmond Charities, reaching those in the greatest need across the borough.

The 15 organisations selected for funding in 2023 are as follows:


Through these 15 organisations, people in need who are living in the borough can apply for a grant of up to £250. Listed below are the criteria for grants to be awarded:

  1. Grants must be awarded to people in need, hardship or distress who cannot afford the cost of the item themselves either from their income or from any savings that they have.
  2. Grants must be awarded to people living in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames and ideally to those who have been living in the borough for at least 2 years.
  3. Organisations must ensure that the client has applied for and received a Local Assistance Grant if they are eligible before awarding them a grant from The Richmond Charities.
  4. Grants cannot be made to any individual more than once.
  5. Grants can be awarded up to a maximum of £250, though in exceptional circumstances a higher grant can be awarded.
  6. Grants must be awarded for things which are in the list below of approved items. Grants must not be awarded for things which are in the list below of non-approved items.

If you are in need of a grant and think you meet the criteria above, you can contact one of the 15 organisations directly to ask if they are able to award you a grant.