Derrick has asked me to share a few words with you all:

Dear New Friends,
I wonder if you can imagine my joy. I was standing on the platform of Richmond station after a lovely day which included meeting residents, staff and trustees of The Richmond Charities and having an interview for the role of Chaplain. My telephone rang and it was Juliet offering me the role! This was on the 20th December and was the best Christmas present I could hope for.

It is with eager anticipation that I am looking forward to moving into The Richmond Charities community to share life with you. When I first saw the Chaplain’s role advertised, I was attracted by the location and architecture of the Almshouses. But it was the residents’ videos on the website that captivated me; to hear of how welcome new residents feel, and how much The Richmond Charities is an active community, a family, not just a housing provision.

There seems to be so much life at the Almshouses and I am looking forward to getting to know you all at the various activities and by knocking on your doors to say hello and have a chat. Of course, I’ll also be delighted to meet you in the Chapel of St Francis for worship on Sundays – and maybe even on other days of the week.

My wife, Jan, who is a full-time minister with The Salvation Army, is also looking forward to becoming part of The Richmond Charities family. We have two married children and three grand-children aged four, fourteen months and 10 months. I’m sure you will get to see them at some point when they come to visit us.

As we prepare for our move to Richmond we would value your thoughts and prayers, and assure you that we are already praying for you.

Now, as well as packing, I had better get my push bike up and running so that I can come and visit you all at the many almshouse estates that are part of The Richmond Charities!

New year blessings to you all!